Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yummy! But what was he thinking???

One week ago tonight I ran to the store to get some for just a few minutes while Joey was making breakfast for dinner. He had asked me to get English Muffins. I grabbed some at Trader Joe's and ran home. In that short amount of time he made a MOUNTAIN of carbohydrates!!! I walked in the door and said "What were you thinking???!!!" And then I quickly remembered to say "Thank you Honey, it looks delicious." Oh my goodness! My two kiddos barely eat (although they did that night!) and I can't afford that many carbs! It lasted quite a few days and some are in the freezer for a quick reheat.

Oh and get this irony! I packed a plate for Bible study because there was so much. I didn't think it my snack day was until the end of the month but figured the ladies would still appreciate it. Then, I didn't bring it because I just could not carry one more thing! I had two meetings immediately after and had to bring all my stuff for that. Then I arrive and was promptly asked if I brought snacks because it is my week!!! Uugh! I could have kicked myself. Thank you Jenna for covering for me. And thank you honey for helping me out unintentionally. If I would have just grabbed it!!! Duh, duh, duh! Don't you just hate that?

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Stephanie said...

That is a GREAT idea for the eggs!!!
Brynna keeps asking if we can buy an egg mold, and I always forget when we are at the store, but the can thing would work great AND it saves moula!

Tell Joey to keep cooking (and then bring me the left overs... yum, that all looks amazing!)