Thursday, June 21, 2007

Better Day

Thank you everyone for your email support. And my family for calling. I have to admit last night was bad, bad, bad for me. I took a shower and thanked the LOrd for everyone and everything, took a tylenol PM and went to bed. Today was much better emotionally and also with Mollie. We had a good day and it went by pretty fast. She is finally letting Joey feed her and comfort her sometimes. I just really have to stay back so that she doesn't have a choice but to let him. I think it's working. I would say their relationship grew in leaps and bounds. Smooth day all together. She is eating more which is good and sleeping more regular. Still moves around so much at night though. She rocked herself all the way to the bedroom door where I found her this morning. I really am going to try the suitcase tonight. Mom, & Britt called today and that was nice. I talked to Livi which was great just trying not to cry. The night is coming and that is always hard for me and my mind runs free. I am trying to keep it focused. I just wish Livi was old enough to understand. Last night I called Mom on my $6 a minute cell just so desperately needed to hear their voices. Dad called me and prayed with me. THanks Mom and Dad. I really needed you.

Tomorrow Joey is going to Jones' camp to visit and take snacks and talk to him about everything. WE are not going to bring him here until Wednesday for his sake. He wouldn't like it for that long. The 7 days he will be here is actually stretching it. We will see how the visit goes.

Thanks again everyone. I will write more tomorrow. I really need this evening with Joey. Oh, by the way, Mollie loves to be tickled. Keep emailing. Love you all.


Stephanie Hosszu said...

I am so glad today is going better.
By the way, Molly and I were talking and all of our kids moved constantly when they were sleeping (going to sleep) up until about 2 years. So it's really normal, just hard I am sure when you have nowhere to put her. Could you buy a pack n play over there? Then you could use it here too for her? Just at thought :) Anyways, I was so happy to read about today! Give Mollie a hug and tickle from us and tell Jones that Brynna REALLY wants to meet him and asks about him every time we go over to your house :)

Annie B. said...

I'm so glad it is getting alittle easier!
miss you guys! Can't wait to meet these little people =)