Saturday, June 23, 2007

She likes it!

I didn't know what to title today so I thought "she likes it" because Mollie seems to like everything we feed her. Today we tried a baby food with salmon in it (yuck! Joey and I hate seafood but we are working on it because we want our kids to enjoy it) and she really liked it. I am so glad. Starting throwing a fit near the end. She turns her head practically around backward and rubs her face on the back of the stroller. It is soooo hard for me to keep my patience when she does that. She is also very independant. At the orphanage she was learning to feed herself with a spoon so we hold the spoon together and it goes pretty good except sometimes she just trys to get it away and flip it upside down (and boy does she have upper body strength! I think it is from all that rocking at night.) Today she flung salmon across the room. I had to let Joey take over. Just being honest. I didn't want to be angry but it was a long day and I was just done. I didn't do anything just wasn't smiling and felt angry in my heart. I went a prayed for God to give me more strength and compassion and patience. It worked.

Joey has turned my baby carrying sling (which unfortunately too big) into a swing and she just loves it! She just laughs and giggles the whole time. Their relationship is still growing everyday and actually mine is with her as well. We went on a short walk and that was nice to get out. We are going on a long one tomorrow. We are going to try to make it to an actual shoppable store! So overall today was good. Just playing and laughing and whining. She is teething like crazy so I have had to keep up on the tylenol but we are going to try to find some numbing medicine for her. She is chewing on everything! We froze her teether. She kind of likes it but not for long. She also keeps her fingers in her mouth all the time.

Well, Joey and I are going to try to have a date night in before bed. We are watching Bruce Almighty again and having ice cream!


Crystal said...

It sounds like today was a good day!! I'm so glad!! We miss you guys and are praying for you all over there!! Keep up the good work "MOM" and "DAD" you guys are doing very well!!
We love you both!!

Anonymous said...

Try giving her a spoon to hold on to while you feed her. Even it it means you end up exchanging spoons throughout the meal. You may get some peace.

Pickel said...

Sounds like she may have some sensory issues, like many of our children do. Jumping, crashing on purpose, etc. Give her lots of physical activity, make her do heavy work (bike riding, carrying things for you, digging in the sand) and vestibular activity like swinging and slides, jumping, etc. If its hard to get out (like now) deep pressure massage is great and joey is doing a great job swinging her.

BTW, be careful with the mercury content in fish.

You guys are doing a GREAT job. Hang in there and you will be home in no time!