Friday, June 22, 2007

A visit with Jones

FIrst of all, let me say- Your emails are keeping me alive! Thank you for being such a blessing! Everyone has been so loyal. We had a wonderful day yesterday. Mollie is changing so much, she is feeling safe and happy and I even caught her singing today. SHe is a little goof ball anyway. She had a very rough night. She woke up when we went to bed and it took 4 hours for any of us to get to sleep. I cannot hold her and comfort her. It is hard. She has to rock side to side rapidly with her fingers in her mouth and her other hand in her hair. It is her way of falling asleep. I kept crying out to God for mercy on her and us! But I guess His answer was for us to stick it out. We did and today wasn't quite as bad as I thought despite the lack of sleep. It just breaks my heart how laborious it is for her to go to sleep though. Tonight is Friday night and tomorrow Saturday so please pray that the neighborhood noise stays at an even level. It can be very loud on weekends and the party never starts until midnight! The sun doesn't go down here until after 11 either.

Well, emotionally my days are pretty good. Joey is such a strength to me. He has stepped in when I just can't take it. She is so attached to me and it makes it hard for me to even go potty so she is kind of forced to let Joey comfort her and they have started to play and she lets him feed her now. My nights are a little rough with homesickness but we have been trying to watch parts of our American movies just before bed to help us feel at home. Plus Mom and Britt and Dad have been calling. I actually talked to Livi tonight! Woo Hoo! I felt better. I think she understands I love her. THey are going on their own vacation soon anyway. I talked to Jack too! That felt great.

Joey visited Jones today and it was good but a little awkward. There was not an interpreter and Joey thought they were going to a store to bring apples but that didn't happen either so he showed up empty handed with no communication. Oops. We thought he would observe the camp but instead they were in a tiny room just the two of them. Jones searched Joey for toys. Came up empty handed so they played with what was there. Joey called Tatiana to explain to him that we would pick him up Wednesday. He wanted nothing to do with the phone so the driver came in and explained it. He is fine with it. He is really happy right now at camp. It is better for him. We will pick him up Wed and still have a week before going to Moscow.

Joey went to the grocery store but we did not all go out shopping because of our rough night and I wasn't feeling well. The day was pretty decent though. She is such a funny character! And she eats everything we give her! Yeah! She also has three new teeth coming in and her walking is getting so much stronger. She is changins so much.

Well, we are going to catch some shut eye while we can. If you are reading this, send us a back dated prayer or actually with the time change, um........ well, anyway, that she doesn't wake up when we move her this time! Ha! For all our sakes!

Lastly- Happy 33rd anniversary MOM & DAD! You are the greatest parents ever! THank you for leading by such a great example of what it means to stick it together through thick and thin, rich and poor, and all that good stuff. Love you more than you know and admire you and am thankful for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Annie B. said...

I'am so glad it is getting easier. It's great that you can already see her growing and changing. And i do pray for a good night sleep for you ALL!!
lots of love.