Monday, June 18, 2007

We are Parents!!!

Well today went perfect! We woke up on time, got ready and time, and made it to court on time. The courtroom was a small room with a chair for the judge and chairs for the social worker, orphanage directors, and the prosecuter. There was a podium for Joey and I. The judge had purple/black hair. She was really really nice. Joey answered all the questions perfect and then they asked me just as many! But I think I did okay. Then the social worker and orphanage directors spoke on our behalf and then the decisions was made- we are legally the adoptive parents of Masha & Vadim, now names Mollie & Jones! The judge held my hand afterward and said "now you are a momma." I felt like she could really feel my heart.

We then took a break and went to the grocery store and bought more minutes for our phone so I could keep up with the internet. Then at 3pm Tatiana picked us up to go get Mollie! We met with the director for a minute and gave her a gift and the gifts for the caregivers & physician (this is a custom in Russia.) After that we went into the baby home and there was Masha. We caught her during snack time but she got right up and started walking to me very excited. That was soooooo precious. We changed her clothes and returned the clothes she had on to the orphanage. It is so exciting to see her in normal clothes! They gave us back our family/home picture album we had left with her the first time and we got in the care and left. Weird. It was an odd feeling. I guess we are not really even supposed to have her until after the 10 days but they let us. We signed a written document that said we are taking responsibility for her.

They don't wear seatbelts or use car seats here so we just had her loose in the back. It felt very wrong! She was very active but having a blast! We got back to the apartment and let her walk around and familiarize herself with the rooms. Then we got out all her toys and we played until about 7pm. Then we fed her 1/2 a larger jar of baby food. It was chicken, peas, carrots, and noodles. She really liked it. She got one baby cookie for dessert and some water. I bought a non-spill straw sippy cup she loves but can't figure out and a bottle just in case. SHe just kept pushing and biting the bottle and got water everywhere but loved it! She has been kind of attached to me but very friendly with Joey also. After dinner I gave her a bath. I was nervous because in her age group at the orphanage they are showered down and it is not a pleasant time. I went to draw her a bath while she was finishing dinner with Joey so that it would not be running and scare her and would also be the right temperature. She was nervous at first but I showed her toys and she got over it and seemed to enjoy it. She kept touching the water in amazement. We cleaned her up and brushed her 4 teeth and put her cute striped PJ's on that Auntie Britty bought her. She looks so cute. Then we layed down with her on the bed since we don't have a crib. The orphanage told us the kids go to bed at 8;30 but Mollie stays up until 9:30. THey said she just plays quietly in her crib. We layed down at 8:10 and she did stay awake quietly until 9:30- no fussing though! She kind of rocked herself laying down side to side (the only sign of institutionalism I can really see besides her size) and that was odd but it was obviously the way she puts herself to sleep. Now she is out like a light. I told you- it was perfect. Joey and I are going to head to bed here soon also. I think we will transfer her to the cozy carpet where I have prepared a bed for her. Joey and I had pizza for dinner to make it easy but for lunch Joey made yummy chicken and vegetables. I think we will be eating that a lot!

That is it for now. I will try to post a couple pics. Keep us in your prayers. Now it is just a waiting game until July 7th. Love you all. Thank you Mom & Dad, Bran, Jam, Alex, Britt, Jer, Livi, & Jack for calling and praying this morning my time. It meant alot! And thanks for the call tonight Britt! You guys rock! And thank you everyone who wrote comforting emails last night and this morning. I really needed it.


Stephanie Hosszu said...

What an amazing day Erin, I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was reading. You are so good with words, it felt like I was there watching it all unfold. I can't wait to see pictures of her! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting!!! She is beautiful. I can't wait til you guys are all home and we finally get to meet Jones and Mollie.

Love you all, Aunt Lisa :)

Annie B. said...

Congrats you guys! You are A beautiful family. It perfect!

I'am so glad that the day went over so smooth. All the prayers worked. GOD IS GOOD!!
It's so amazing.