Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day of Oops.

Well, today started off really well. Mollie didn't wake up until about 8! Oops! That is about an hour later than her schedule. We all needed it though. We fed her breakfast which consisted of cottage cheese (which here is like our cottage cheese squeezed as hard as you can without liquid in a little package the shape of a cheese ball) mixed with cream and sugar. Eewww. She loved it. Except... we accidentally mixed it with yogurt. The plain yogurt is in a plastic bag container that is a drink. The cream is actually in a little sour cream like container. Oops again! Oh, well she liked it. I gave her some bites of bananna also. My Aunt Lisa called shortly after and that was a treat! It was so good to talk to her. Sorry I had to go so quick Aunt Lisa. Then we played and played and played and played until snack time at 10 and again until lunch at 12. She had the rest of her dinner last night. Then we all layed down for a nap. It took awhile for her to fall asleep. She slept for about an hour (her naps are supposed to be 2 1/2 hours) and woke up as we tried to sneak out of the bed. Oops again. Oh,well there was no way she was going back to sleep. We took a short walk around the neighborhood and picked up some more bottled water at the store. We came back and gave her a little more freedom roaming the apartment with a toy she found here. We were testing to see how it went. I checked my email really quick and Joey played his Nintendo DS. She did really good and seemed to be enjoying her independance.

At 7pm it was dinner time. Wow, we are back on schedule. We fed her baby cereal. Near the end of her meal she just looked up at Joey and started to cry. It kind of freaked us out. We didn't know if she was hurting or was scared of Joey for a second or was done and didn't know how to tell us or what! Then I thought maybe the cereal reminded her of the orphanage and she was realizing that she wasn't there. We still don't know but it made me sad. She was pretty fussy the rest of the night. I think the short nap didn't help. We tried to keep her happy playing but she just kept getting upset. There were moments of fun for her but she just wasn't happy. I gave her a bath which I think she liked and then put her to bed. Joey came in also and we layed there an hour until she fell asleep. She was so tired. I was surprised it took her so long to conk out. I played a lullabye CD and I think it helped drown out the passing traffic. It is also very hard because it is light out until about 11pm or shortly after. She had a difficult time and kept wanting to get up but she is sleeping peacefully now. This morning when I woke up she had moved from a makeshift bed we prepared for her all the way across the room on the floor, no blankets, nothing, passed out near our bed. Crazy kid. She moves so much during the night and she hates blankets but I keep putting them on her anyway. Tonight we changed her makeshift bed and put it in one of the big suitcases. I am not sure what else to do. We will move her from our bed into it soon when we go to bed. It is stacked up with pillows and looks pretty cozy but should atleast contain her rolling. We will see.

Tomorrow we are going to try to walk very far again. This time we are going to try to make it to another cafe and a toy store. We will see if we can do it. It is pretty hard on these broken roads with an umbrella stroller plus we have to time it with her schedule. It might be about 5 miles round trip. Not sure if it will work but we are giving it a whirl, nothing better to do and she likes the walks.

We are ready to get Jones and come home. It is hard to hang out here so long. We have to be so creative with play and meals and we just feel a bit trapped. The days are tick tocking so slowly. 15 more days in Kalingrad and then 3 in Moscow. uugh. We miss all of you back home so much. Thank you for writing and calling. It is the best thing to hear from you. The highlight of our day. We hope to have a better day tomorrow not that this one was bad but we just hope our little girl is happy.

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Steph said...

I am sorry she was sad today a little... I think most kids get thrown off like that when they are in new situations and off their schedules. Have you ever heard of the witching hour? It's the hours around dinner until bedtime and many a child around the world, cries, whines and is generally un- happy during this time!
Anyways, I know she will get used to everything SO fast and you guys will get into a routine and things will be great! (then you'll have to do it all over again when you come home LOL!)
Love you and I am praying for you!!!